Vacationing Dad is brought to you by the great, fabulous person my mom always talked about….me, aka Brad Werner! me

I’ve loved traveling ever since I went on a road trip at the age of 12 with my mom and sister and drove from North Dakota to the West Coast and back.  We traveled over and through terrain I hadn’t imagined existed up to that point in my life.  It was beautiful and mesmorizing as we went through Yellowstone National Park, viewed Mt. St. Helen’s a couple of years after it blew its top, and drove until the road came to an end at the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. I was hooked.


Since then I’ve been to Europe, Hawaii, Philippines, Riviera Maya (Mexico), Puerto Rico, and USVI as well as many US states. I love traveling and I love sharing the experiences with my family. There is nothing better than a great family vacation as those memories seem to last forever.  Each of us throw our cares away for a while and enjoy each other and the scenery around us.

This blog is dedicated to those Dad’s who are still kids inside when it comes to traveling and the experiences that go along with it. Here you will find stories and tips and hopefully a little humor from a Dad’s perspective.

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