Disney Fantasy – Day 5 – San Juan

San Juan Today we didn’t have an excursion planned which meant we didn’t have to get up so early today. Thank goodness as Ella kept us up part of the night because of her stomach problems. We didn’t quite know what to do in the early morning hours. Can we leave Ella here and let…

Disney Fantasy Cruise – T minus 1 Day

After an all important Stop at Chipotle, it was time to get to the airport! It was about 2pm by this time and our flight left at 4pm. I like to get to the airport plenty early for flights, by the time we got there it was closer to 2:30 which left us some time to get through security and say hi to our friends who will be joining us. We got through with little problem. Actually, ask Chris sometime about what got him hung up at security for a little bit. I probably shouldn’t post what it was….should I Chris?