Disney Fantasy – Day 3 – At Sea

Busy Morning

The wives and the number 1’s (Kaitlyn and Ally) had a mother-daughter massage at 8am. They were a little misquoted on the price, or least Heather said she misunderstood. She thought the price included both of them….nope, it was around $70…each. Oops. Oh well, gives me an excuse to order more drinks.

While they were doing that, the husbands were told to get the 3’s ready for their time at Bippity Boppity Boutique at 9am. So Sophie, Ella, and I got up a little after Heather and Kaitlyn left to get dressed and get breakfast at Cabanas. After we were done, we went back to the room to change Sophie into her Princess Elsa dress (can’t get the dress dirty during breakfast). Right when we got back. Chris, Leighton and Kate were going to breakfast….they weren’t as concerned about getting their princess dress dirty.

By 9am Chris and I got Sophie and Kate to the Boutique and we had to have Leighton and Ella with as well. The rest of the girls shortly after their appointed started. You check in, and their “Fairy Godmother in Training” would grab a pamphlet and say, “Princess Sophie” and “Princess Kate” and take them to their chair.

Sophie’s Fairy Godmother in Training was great and did such a nice job with Sophie. Unfortunately I don’t recall her name anymore. We did run into her at one of the stores later and continued to have a pleasant smile on her face.

I am not sure about Kate’s. I think she tried to but it didn’t seem as personable.
We got to the Boutique a little before Chris so Sophie sat down first. Kate was not far behind.
They were asked what sort of due they would like. They got to pick from a sort of menu with pictures. They would then ask them questions like, “Do these people live in your castle?” keeping in the theme for the most part. She said Ella is the pirate and Kaitlyn (who showed up by now) was just too cool for this according to the Godmother.

Of course as you can see the pin in the back is Mickey Mouse, however, you flip it over and of course it also looks like Cinderella’s carriage.

You can almost tell by the way Sophie’s Fairy Godmother is looking at her that she is gentle and personable…or I can.


A good look at how Kate’s hair was done.

The sprinkling of “Fairy Dust” or as we commoners call it, sparkles.

Finished product.

Final touch for Kate and…



I knew about the boutique from all the reading I did before we left for the cruise but never thought of bringing it up to anyone. I sort of thought it was a waste of money. Heather and Linda decided to do it anyway and now I’m glad they did. This was so awesome to see them get done up like a princess.

After this it was time to meet Elsa and Anna. The mom’s took them to this while Chris and I took the Number 2’s to the Sports Deck. They were bummed when they were watching the younger sisters get all dolled up and the older sisters got to have a massage. So we made a deal with them that they would come back to the Boutique on Pirate Night and they could get made up as pirates….plus they wanted time on the Sports Deck, so that’s what Chris and I did is took them up top.

Meanwhile the Number 3’s got to meat some characters.

Meeting of Elsa and Anna took place in Animator’s Palate and this is how the screens were decorated.

Finally the big moment had arrived!

A little photo opp by the window.

Tianna was beautiful!

Wish I had more time…sometime I will get photos cropped.


Meanwhile…on the Sports Deck…

Off the back-end of the ship looking off Goofy’s Sports Deck.

Back to Relaxing

Afterwards, Number 2’s and 3’s wanted to go see “Big Hero Six” at Buena Vista Theatre but I was just too tired. Chris took the kids and I left to lay up on Deck 12 for a while up in the adult area. It wasn’t bad out and the wind wasn’t bad for about an hour. I remember hearing the noon ship horn blow and it wasn’t too long after that it seemed it clouded up and it got breezier. We did have a few light showers once in a while this day but that didn’t stop us from doing stuff on the top deck.

While I was chilling on the top deck, Heather and Linda decided it was time to try to Rainforest Room seeing as how Chris and I got them a day pass. When they came back, they never really said much about it. They said there were different showers with different scents and the showers would do different things. I thought there was sound in them as well but that’s not the report they gave. They also laid on these heated, stone chairs that overlooked the sea and I think may have dozed on the chairs a bit. The fact that they didn’t say much about it leads me to believe they weren’t overly impressed.

It wasn’t too long after the noon ship horn that I decided to leave and I met up with Chris and the kids. Not sure what we wasted time doing here. I think we did some stuff in the room for a bit but tried to decide what to do. I was trying to push the kids to go to the kids clubs to give us some adult time plus Sophie wasn’t sure she wanted to get her hair wet by jumping in the pool.

It took some convincing to try Super Sloppy Science and some organization but eventually I was off with the kids to the Club….or so I thought. Halfway down the hall and Kate remembers she doesn’t have her bracelet on that allows her into the club. So we turn around and she can’t find it. It took a lot of convincing by Chris to try to get in with Ally’s or just tell them we lost it before we could finally leave. Right when I thought we were leaving, the wives come back and Linda says, “Kate, I thought you wanted to go swimming?” and we were quickly back to square one of deciding what exact

Now came the frustration of what are we doing going to Club, or going swimming. Kate was getting her swim suit on now and Sophie wanted to follow suit but Sophie was nervous about messing up her hair. We tried to tell her she can do what she wants if she still wants to go to the club. Sophie convinced herself she could jump in the pool and not mess up her hair.

So now we are off to the pool. It might have been a tad cool as I said there were a few light showers but “Wreck it Ralph” and “Cinderella” came on the Funnelvision so all was good.
They also ate a little late lunch.


Art of The Theme Show Tour

Heather, Chris and I headed to Meridian for the “Art of The Theme Show Tour” which was for adults. This was not a great tour or it didn’t start out that way. The 40 something year old guy giving the tour REALLY LOVED DISNEY. He was part of Disney for a while now and started in Disney World. He went on to give a talk about how Disney “didn’t make kids’ movies, he made movies that kids love to watch.” It wasn’t long after this that I started to doze off. We were sitting in the nice high back chairs the three of us were. Across from us were two younger little Japanese ladies. So of the five of us sitting in these chairs, 3 of us dozed off occasionally and Heather chewed on her fingernails trying to stay awake.

This man meant well and knew a lot and loved what he did but it’s like listening to a college professor for a class you took as an elective. He was full of information, much of which you didn’t care very much about. We did learn a few things out of this:
1) They couldn’t use black on the ship cause that’s considered a pirate color so they looked and looked for a color that looked black but when you actually saw it up close it was blue. They found the color in the pants a lady at the office was wearing. Her name was Monica so of course the color is called “Monica Blue.”
2) There are rats in the adult restaurant Remy based on the movie Ratatouille. You won’t really notice them until you start looking for them.
3) The chandelier in Palo is made to look spaghetti and meatballs as is the carpet.

and that’s all we got. The tour finally left Meridian to actually, you know, tour the ship….which was nearly 40 minutes later. We let the crowd get on the elevator before we even got out of our chairs. . We were done with this tour. Sorry Mr. Overthetop Disney Man. We weren’t the only ones that stayed behind either.

Once we knew the coast was clear, we went down to meet up with the rest of the crew by the pool. We decided we should probably get a little snack before we have to get ready because it will be a little bit yet until we have dinner. We all got ready but Kaitlyn was a little late getting back from the Edge and then was dragging her feet taking a shower. I believe everyone was mostly ready on time, except for Kaitlyn, so they left for the night’s show while I waited for Kate to finish. I knew where the rest would be sitting. By this night we had our usual Late Comers seating area on the right side of the theatre.

Show, Dinner, Crush

Tonight was called “Wishes” and was about three seniors, on the eve of their graduation, make a wish and go on a magical journey that included a host of Disney characters which helped them link the children they were to the adults they were about to become. Kaitlyn and I got there more towards the end. It seemed like a cute production once again full off effects as usual.

Afterwards was the dance party and character meets at the Atrium.

It was so awesome to Leighton get into dancing. This picture also became an accidental photobomb in a way. Have you ever taken pictures of someone you know when really you are trying to get a picture of the person by them to show people what you saw? Well, this wasn’t it but it sort of accidentally happened. Those were some interesting shoes/boots/sandals. I’m not quite sure what they were. If the person wearing these happens to read this, they are awesome, where did you get them?
Here you can sort of see that Sophie’s hair was redone. Heather did a good job redoing the bun and getting the crown back in and the Boutique gladly re-sparkled her hair for free. Actually, later in the cruise, Kate’s crown broke and the Boutique gave her a new one.
Ella and Leighton got to meet Phineas and Pherb too. I wish Dr. Duff would have been there though.

So tonight we ate at the long-awaited Animator’s Palate. Here, screens around the restaurant shows drawings from Disney movies then the screen comes to life with characters from “Finding Nemo”. Eventually Crush from the movie shows up on the screen and interacts with the people sitting by the screens. Well who do you think got to sit by a screen? That’s right, our group!

We loved the drawings on the waiter’s shirts.

The fish would slowly make pictures and you would see how quickly you could guess what the picture was they were forming.

Here he was! He says to us, “The (muffled) in the corner with the shiny head, what’s your name?”
We didn’t quite hear what he said so he said it again, “The (muffled) in the corner with the shiny head, what’s your name?”
Shiny head? Must be talking about my balding head right? So I say, “Brad!” …..(crickets)….”The girl in the corner, with the thing on her head”
Oh, that would be Sophie….I guess not everything revolves around me. Everyone kept giving me crap about how this cruise was really my way to celebrate my 40th birthday, I guess it was going to my head by thinking Crush would talk to an adult and not a kid.

“Sophie. Radical” Crush says. “Where you all from?”
We all say, “Minnesota!”
“Minnesota!? Never heard of it. Do you guys have narley waves in the Minnesota?”
“No! We have snow. It’s cold,” one of the kids say.
“Oh hold on, I’m gonna go to the other side and see if we can get them to send you some waves”

So he pops to the screen opposite from us. They were from Denver…they don’t have waves either. So Crush tried to get the wave going between the two screens so he would float to one then the other trying to get a wave going back and forth. It didn’t work very well but it was a neat idea. Once I get the video uploaded, it’ll make more sense.

Every night of course the girls had to go to the bathroom at some point. In fact, last night we noticed it took a while for Ella to come back. Here she got locked in the stall and couldn’t figure out how to get out.
Tonight, I went to the bathroom. I hate crowded bathrooms! This one however, had someone inside holding the door open for the guys as they came and went. Nothing like having someone just standing there waiting as you are trying to relieve yourself.

We finished up eating and at the end of the dinner we told Budi we would not be at dinner tomorrow night because we had reservations at Palo at 7:30. “What are you going to do with the kids?” he asked.

“Oh, we’ll just feed them before our dinner or let them order room service.”
“Well can’t they come down here? I will take good care of them and make sure everything is OK. The older ones can get them down here, can’t they?”
“Yeah, I suppose they could,” we say, “I don’t know if you’d want these kids. They can be handfuls.”
“Yes! Bring them! I’d be happy to have them. We’ll make sure they are OK,” Budhi exclaims.
“OK, if you are sure.”

So we leave and find a few more characters to get signatures from.


This was cute, Sophie sat down just to take a picture in this chair when who shows up to sit with her?

Tianna! Love these types of personal touches they do.

Cinderella kept losing her shoe on the stairs. How fitting.
It was time to turn in. Tomorrow was our first port day and we had a port adventure planned for the early morning. I believe this is the night we decided to set out the thing on the door with our room service order for breakfast because we knew we had to be up and out early the next day. In fact, earlier in the day, Kaitlyn was hungry and wanted to order room service so they ordered cookies. These were so good! I’m glad she did it. Plus it gave us the idea to do room service for the next morning.

Speaking of Kaitlyn, she got separated from Ally when they were out this night after we ate. Ally wasn’t sure where she was and Kaitlyn didn’t have her bracelet on anymore cause it was bugging her. Ally said she talked about the thing where the Edge invaded the Oceaneers Club. We were getting upset cause we had to be up early the next day so I set off to see if I could spot her. I couldn’t see anyone in the Edge so I walked over to the Edge but didn’t see any older kids there either so I went back. Ally said again how they were going to Oceaneers Club so Heather went to the club to talk to someone. There were older kids there by this time and Heather even went into the club and said, “Kaitlyn?!” but got no answer.

Now we are getting a little nervous. Where would she be if she’s not with her age group and not with Ally? We were both about to leave when Kaitlyn comes sauntering down the hall. We were upset, Kaitlyn was upset cause Ally didn’t want to stick around with her so she stayed with the group. Kaitlyn said she was in the club in one of the side areas playing with the things where you steer the ship. She thought she heard someone say her name but then ignored it cause she thought she heard wrong.

Well, she’s back and we told her she had to have her wristband with her and if she is not with Ally, make sure we know where you are going to be. Nervous parents.

Time for bed. Once again it’s 1am. I know the earliest we ever went to bed the whole cruise was a little after midnight.

Tips for Future Travelers

  • Do the Bippity Boppity Boutique.  I knew about this before we left but didn’t think it would be something we would spend money on. I was a skeptic. We did it anyway and surprisingly, it was worth it. Especially for the little girls, they love getting done up as a princess and the helpers do things right to make you feel like one.
  • The Boutique will re-sparkle your daughters hair later in the day if they go swimming and need more “fairy dust”. They will even replace the crown if it breaks even if it happens later in the cruise.
  • Again, don’t forget to get Elsa/Anna tickets the first day on the ship.  It is nice the way they do this by setting up specific times.
  • Bring a princess dress for your princess.  It is so cute seeing these girls walk around and you can just tell they are on top of the world.
  • Cabanas closes at 2pm so all you have after that is Flo’s if you are hungry.
  • Order room service if you are hungry and need a snack. We got the cookies. They were huge and awesome. I bet they’d be good with milk.
  • Heard lots of people before the cruise to try the Rainforest Room.  So we had our wives do it but it didn’t get much for rave reviews. They just said it was nice and never went back.  So based on that, I’d say it was less than expected but I’ll let you decide cause I know others have liked it.
  • Make sure you know what the prices are exactly. My wife got a mother-daughter massage where she thought she was quoted a price that included both of them. Nope, it was per person.  Daughters seemed to enjoy the massage but again, never talked much about it.
  • Don’t be afraid to dance with your kids at the dance party. They love it and even though you make a fool of yourself, chances are you will never see most of these people again.
  • Tell your wait staff if you have plans not to come to dinner the next night. It’s a courtesy to them so they can plan ahead.
  • Show interactions always happen on the lower half of the seating. We were always up on the second section (not the balcony) but we never got any character interactions. Plus every show they shoot out confetti on the people in the lower half.  I am not sure how early you have to be there to get those seats. Earliest we showed up was 5 minutes prior to a show and we still had to sit in our usual spots.  I’m guessing be there at least 15 minutes before a show to get that lower seating.

Up Next: Day 4 – St. Thomas

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