Disney Cruise – Day 2 – At Sea

Good Morning! Rise and Shine! Up and At Em!

Ella and I were the first ones awake. I believe we got up around 7:30am. I knew Ella would be up early because that’s just what she does. I was willing to get up with her cause I was excited to get this first full day on the ship going.

So we quietly got dressed and went to Cabanas for breakfast around 8am. We ate at the same location we ate for lunch yesterday which was a nice location. We saw a few ships off in the distance and I wished I would have grabbed my binoculars before we left the room.

Cabanas is what it is….food wise. For breakfast it had the usual American fair of pancakes, bacon, sausage, cereal, and pastries. There was several sea food options that I didn’t really understand so we stuck to our usual food. This menu didn’t change really throughout the cruise but thankfully, we love our bacon!

Afterwards, we decided to go up to Deck 12 to Goofy’s Sports Deck. When we first got there it wasn’t busy but there were a few people around. I have my favorite moments with each child. This time was my favorite moment with Ella and I wish I had the camera with. This first morning it was just her and I enjoying breakfast and playing games on deck. We talked about how great it was being on the boat and how neat it would be if we saw dolphins while we were eating. It was a great father-daughter moment.

There is a reason why it’s called Goofy’s Sports Deck. With the rocking of the ship and the wind, balls do strange things, especially when playing ping-pong. We played at the ping-pong table at the very back so the wind wouldn’t have quite as much of an affect on the ball. You would hit the ball and it might come back at you. You would hit the ball and it may ricochet off the wall and go over the net. Hit the ball off the table, bounce off the table behind you, hit the floor and it eventually would roll right back to you if you waited. Hit the ball high enough, and the wind grabs it and takes it over the side railing. LOOK OUT BELOW!….yup, that happened to me. It wasn’t Ella that hit the ball, it was me. Not sure where it landed, probably down on the Cabanas deck. I don’t think it made it all the way out to sea. Oops. At the same time we played, we were still trying to get our sea legs. It was all very weird but very fun. I would encourage anyone to try it, especially ping-pong. Just try to keep the balls low.

We did play mini-golf (or putt-putt golf as some say…but that’s just dumb :)) With mini-golf, you had to play the rocking of the ship a little bit, but really not too much. While we played mini-golf it was great to take in the view off the back end of the ship. Beautiful! The Caribbean blue waters, watch the wake of the ship off the back, take in almost a 360 degree panorama of nothing but water. The only thing I didn’t enjoy was exhaust from the stack would always sink off the back end of the ship so at times you would be breathing fumes.

Mean time….

Kaitlyn was up and writing in her journal
Sophie couldn’t quite drag herself out of bed. Heather got her up and moving eventually and started taking them to breakfast.

Ella and I ran into them on the way down so we turned back around because Ella already had her swim suit on and she wanted to start swimming. Kaitlyn detoured on the way to eating cause she wanted to find the little stateroom door on Deck 5 quick and Sophie and Heather went to the bathroom and waited….and waited….and waited for Kaitlyn. Finally she came and they went to eat. Kaitlyn and Ella didn’t eat long because they were too excited and wanted to start swimming. Actually, Sophie was mad she didn’t get up when Ella and I did.

So the two of them quickly came out but Heather decided she would take her time. I happened to run into Linda and sh asked where Heather’s at and so she joined Heather for breakfast.

So the 2’s and 3’s were happy swimming and the 1’s swam, checked out the ship and was in and out of the Edge (tween lounge) all day.

It was nice this day but in the wind, it got cool, especially on Deck 12. Deck 11, the pool deck, most of the chairs had towels over them (which seemed to be typical) so I went to Deck 12 figuring not as many people would be there due to the wind. I found a chair right next to the towel cabinet which conveniently blocked the wind for me. I let the kids know where I was if they needed anything and I relaxed. The kids were up and down and asking for stuff occasionally. I would also check in on them on occasion to make sure they were OK. I did have to lay down the rules that they could only be in the Mickey Pool, Donald Pool, or hot tub. Anywhere else, they had to tell me. Up to now, there were two instances when we had to track them down cause they went to the bathroom or to the Aquaduck. After I told them this rule it was much better. (there was also a rule later not to run ahead to a deck unless you were absolutely sure where we were going…there was an instance early when they thought we were going to Deck 5 and ran down the stairs when actually we were going up to 11).

So I hung out on Deck 12 and made sure the kids were Okay until eventually Linda and Heather found me. I believe before they found me they went to make reservations for tomorrow for the Number 3’s to get done up in the Bippity Boppity Boutique right before they meet Elsa and also scheduled massages with the Number 1’s.

When they found me, being the responsible adults on the trip that they are, they asked, “Do the kids have sunscreen on?”
“No they do not,” I say.
So they promptly pull the kids up to put on sunscreen.

More Swimming and Relaxing into the Afternoon

At noon, after the announcements, they played all of the Ship’s special horns. It plays “When You Wish Upon a Star” along with the second line (“makes no difference who you are”) plus measures of “Yo HO (A Pirates Life for Me),” “It’s a Small World,” “Be Our Guest,” “Hi Diddle Dee Dee (An Actors Life for Me),” and “A Dream is a Wish.”

I felt bad for the guy I laid next to. The kids kept coming up to me, asking for stuff. When the wives found me it got a little worse and eventually Linda fit another chair between mine and the towel cabinet. So now there were three adults and the kids that kept coming up. No relaxing around us. I guess he could have went to the adult area if he really wanted to.

The kids would eat snacks and occasionally grab some actual food from Flo’s Cafe near the pool. I think Ella alone grabbed about 3 bags of chips that day. Adults would eventually pick something up from there as well. The food was actually pretty good. You could have chicken tenders, hotdogs, hamburgers with fixings to choose from, pizza, fruit, sandwiches that changed daily, and cookies. I ate there quite a bit on the sea days.

I took Ella and Leighton to the Sports Deck for a quick round of golf and ping-pong. I came back and was starved so I finally had a bite to eat by 2pm. By this time, the guy beside us had left but he did leave his towel and sunscreen so I assumed he would be back eventually…I never saw him again.

Finally everything from the past few days has caught up to me and I was exhausted.  The other adults told me to take a nap. Chris decided that would be a good idea for him too and suggested we would sleep better in our rooms rather than on a lounger outside. I thought that was a great idea so we went to our rooms.

Kaitlyn and Ally were in there but they said they were getting ready to go to the Edge to make flubber. The bed felt so comfortable again but I think I was so tired it took me a while to fall asleep. After a bit, Alley and Kaitlyn came back because the Edge was going to the Sports Deck and they wanted to change into their shoes. They were gone quickly so I rested a bit more then went to find the rest of the crew while Chris continued to sleep.

I came back to the top deck and I couldn’t find anyone. They were gone from the spot I left them so I went for a walk to the adult areas at the front of the ship.  I hadn’t walked up there yet.  By this time it was a little cool and very windy.  I had to go to the front and get my “Titanic” moment where I looked towards the front of the ship. It was crazy windy but it did have a nice view up there.  My only regret is I didn’t take one picture from the front.  I walked around and sat at the bar down by the adult pool area.  About that time I get a text from Heather saying they are up at the front of the ship. WHAT? I was just up there.  So finished my drink and went up, here they were more on the other side of the ship, behind the glass to cut the wind.  They had been up there and took a little rest with towels over them to keep them warm.  Apparently they decided to take the kids to the Oceaneers Club for a bit so they sat up front.  I got ourselves the drink of the day again and we headed to get everyone ready for the show. Tonight….Aladdin!

Aladdin and Dinner

We left the deck fairly early this day. I had to press my shirt and we had to start getting the kids ready. There is laundry on the ship. You can do your own for a reasonable price as well as buy detergent for $1. It is free to use the ironing board so I utilized that. There were two other guys doing the same when I got there.

We were ready to go and we all got to the show on time…well almost. I think the wives were a little late but they knew where to find us.

Aladdin was awesome! All the effects that happen for the show is amazing and to think that they are accomplishing all this on a moving ship no less. It was fantastic. They really made it seem as though they were flying on the magic carpet. The stage floor opened up in two spots to help with effects. Genie updated his comedy material to current affairs to help us older children enjoy the show.

Kaitlyn and Ally all dressed up!

Sophie and Kate dressed up! (Elsa and Anna anyone?)

Leighton and Ella dressed up!

Heather and I
Chris and Linda
So tonight we all took pictures on the grand staircase along with the rest of the masses. Mickey, Minnie, Daisy, and Goofy were in the Atrium to take pictures with. This was kind of a neat night with everyone dressed so nice, music playing in the background, crew members walking around all dressed in white.
This was the Captain’s Reception so people were walking around with complimentary drinks! We didn’t know that at first but then we noticed people were just taking them off the platters and not paying so of course we couldn’t say no.

“Kids want a drink?! They are free!”

I gladly “bought” Chris a few beers that night.

We continued to wait for our dinner time to open up.

We were finally able to go in to eat. In the middle of the Royal Garden is this big round table with a huge chandelier over the top and plush, high back chairs. And who do you think got to sit there? That’s right…we did. We felt special.

Chris said, “So I bet people are looking around, trying to figure out who has the most money in the room and then they see us sitting here (implying people will be thinking we are the richest). Ummm….no that would not be us.”
We all felt so fancy. You’ll notice our girls trying to act regal. Kaitlyn drinking with her pinky up. Sophie, properly using her napkin. It was cute.
Then came this guy to lighten things up a bit. Not our normal waiter by the way.
Then Daniel joined in on the fun by making napkin hats for the kids! You’ll notice no Sophie or Kate. They left because Kate was getting tired so Sophie went with them. Linda took them away for the time being.
Royal Garden had the feel of an elegant ball room. The pictures along the walls were beautiful and it was probably my favorite dining room aesthetic wise.

The whole day and through much of dinner, the Number 1’s wanted to go to “Gardians of the Galaxy” at the theater but the 3’s also wanted to go. 1’s were complaining because it was PG-13 and how we would have never let them go to a PG-13 movie at their age. I had seen the movie already with Kaitlyn and I didn’t think it was that bad. Kaitlyn said she had nightmares after she saw it the first time. I was surprised cause I didn’t think the bad guy was that scary.

The Number 2’s however got their way and I took them to the movie. The Number 1’s went by themselves and the remaining crew went back to the room.
This was waiting for us back at the room for the mother-daughter massages the next morning.
Our towel animal for the night.
Sophie and Kate decided to just curl up and watch Enchanted in the room while the 1’s, 2’s and I went to the theater. Not sure what the rest of the adults did. I think Augers finally finished putting away all there stuff. It was going to be an early morning as the massages were at 8am, the boutique was at 9am, Elsa and Anna at 10:15. Tomorrow was going to be a busy day plus we lost an hour of sleep cause we had to turn our clocks ahead.

So we went to the 3-D version of “Gardians” and it was pretty cool. I really didn’t want to watch a movie I could see at our home theater or watch on my big screen at home, much less one I had seen before. This was different because not only was it 3-D, but with the ship moving, it would feel like you were flying along with the movie sometimes if the timing was right. It gave that extra added affect you wouldn’t get otherwise. I would recommend seeing just one movie there on a cruise and make it an action movie to get the extra motion effect.

We turned in quickly after the movie given all that was going on tomorrow morning. By early I think we got to bed before 1am.

Notes to Future Travelers

  • This is a great day to take the ship in. I loved that our first full day was at sea. It gave us a chance to become familiar with things.
  • While a few of our girls got tired by the end of dinner, I still liked that we had this seating time just to enjoy the pool a little longer.
  • Try the Goofy’s Sports Deck.  With the ship moving and the wind, there is a reason why it’s Goofy’s Sports Deck. Wacky things happen back there with the balls.
  • Go see one movie in the theater. With the movement of the ship, it adds another dimension to the movie.
  • Drinks are free at the Captain’s Reception. We didn’t know this right away.
  • There are snacks on Deck 4 by the coffee area of cheese, crackers, meat, and sweets if you need anything before dinner.
  • Don’t worry about getting all the character signatures right away, there will be more opportunities.
  • Don’t be afraid to move towels off the loungers.  Especially if you haven’t seen anyone in them for a while or there are no other items on the chair. We did this a few times during the cruise without a thought and never did anyone complain. I think often, people leave and just don’t throw their towels away.
  • Take a nap in your nice, quiet room. It’ll do you a lot of good.

Up Next:  Day 3 – At Sea

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