Best Website to Visit When Planning A Disney Cruise

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IMG_2830When my wife and I surprised daughters girls with a Disney Cruise last Christmas, they had little idea how much planning had gone into the whole vacation…and frankly, neither did my wife for that matter.

My wife is great, she keeps all our schedules straight, figures out what clothes the kids should wear on a daily basis, keeps track of who has a test and when and in what subject and makes sure they study for it, she shops, she cleans; when it comes to work..she does it all.  When it comes to vacation plans, that’s where I shine! “Time to take a break? Let me at it!” I take charge of the plans and to be honest, my wife is just fine with it.

I did A LOT of reading about Disney Cruises for the whole year leading up to the cruise, that’s how anxious I was for this vacation.  I was like a teen girl who just found out she was getting Uggs for Christmas. I wanted to researched the Ugg. I read stories of people who have tried Uggs and how great the service was inside of one.  I read how Uggs will comfortably sleep a family of five little piggies perfectly. How Uggs are for people of ALL ages.  By the time I was done with all the reading, not only was I even more excited about the cruise, I really wanted a pair of Uggs. But those expensive boots would put us over budget so I couldn’t get them. is the place I did all my research and the place you want to go with any sort of questions you may have about the Disney Cruise as well as any other Disney themed destination.  I would suggest first doing as much reading as you can (or care to) on this site and then do some searches on the forum about any other questions you have because more than likely someone else has asked the very question you are wondering. Then start posting questions on the board yourself. will give you ideas what to pack, what not to pack, what to pack that you would have never thought of packing, and what to pack that Dads of daughters don’t even want to think about. The site will answer your questions about sea sickness, muster drills, pools, character meet-n-greets, adult only areas, smoking areas, and make you ask questions you didn’t even know you should ask like (and I’m not kidding guys) “What kind of manicure do you get pre-vacation”.

So if you are the planner of all things vacation and are planning on a Disney Cruise, I recommend spending a lot of your time on  I am not in anyway affiliated with them nor are they sponsoring me so trust me when I say this has tons of information (BUT if they want to sponsor me, they can hit me up…hint hint). If you have good site that you loved to visit when planning your Disney Cruise, let us know in comments below!


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