Norwegian Escape – Day 2 – Sea Day

Day 2 is a little short and not a lot of pictures and Day 3 was even worse as we didn’t do much on Day 3 either. We were bums which is exactly what this trip is supposed to be about, isn’t it? Sorry in advance for the lack of pictures. I hope my dry writing makes up for it.

Daytime on Deck

The walls in the staterooms are definitely thin. You can easily hear people in the rooms next to you. Talking. Fighting. Crying kids. Someone seemingly falling into the closet in the middle of the night, making all the hangers clang against each other. Not quite sure what happened there but I imagine someone came back after too much to drink and felt the ship swaying more than it actually was. Either that or they were having mad, passionate sex. I didn’t hear any groaning though. Thank God.

As expected, Ella woke up first but slept later than I expected. I was waiting for her so I sprang out of bed like a cheetah. We tried to quietly get ready but of course Sophie heard us right when we were close to ready so we had to wait for her. Once she got herself dressed, Heather started to wake and get ready. I took Ella and Sophie to breakfast as I was done waiting by this point. It was time to get the first full day on the ship started

It’s funny how I have way more energy and wake up easier when I’m on vacation. Heather is always up before I am and doesn’t seem to slow down at home. On vacation, we are a little opposite in that regards.

We ate at the Garden Cafe every morning which was perfect for us. Look around. Find something you like. Grab. Eat. Get to wherever it is you want to go, in today’s case, get to the pool area. You may have heard this before, but for the love of God, go to the back of the ship to find seating. It’s where we went every time and more often then not you would be able to find a spot. What’s more, it’s a better view as you can sort of get a 210 degree view in the back. I measured it. Maybe 211 but that’s it. The back is where it’s at. Jack.

Before we got to the cafe (around 8am) I noticed there would have been spots to pick from on deck 17 around the main pool. By the time we were done eating however, around 9am, those spots were pretty much picked over. Needless to say by 8am, anything on the pool deck (16) was picked over already. I hate being a chair hog but I just had to learn to become one. That was my mistake that first morning. I should have just laid my towels down but I didn’t.

Why am I such a nice guy? No wonder I’m married. We are always taken.

When we came out of the Garden Cafe, the only thing remotely in the sun was on the starboard side (right, looking forward for you dummies like me who had to Google which side of the ship I was on) and the reason these were open….annoying sprays of water falling from the Freefall slides. We stayed there thinking eventually it would be nice to have something cool us off in the midday sun, but it never quite got to that point. Not to mention is was slipperier than hell with my flip flops. Multiple occasions I almost took a dive on the deck.

By the way…is Hell slippery? Maybe a bad analogy. How about, “slipperier than snot on a doorknob”. That’s much better.

Eventually the youngest children were wondering if there were hot tubs they could use as the ones on the main deck were supposed to be for adults only during the day. Supposed to be but there were still plenty of kids in them. Especially on the port side but I didn’t want my kids to be annoying all day. Someone beside us said up on deck 19, forward there were some so they went to check it out. After a while, Linda went to check on them and there were chairs up there so we all moved and that became our go-to place to sit as there were usually chairs. It was windier but in the middle of they day, it was just fine with the wind. The 3’s just sat in the hot tub most of this day.

The moms started getting ready as we had reservations at Teppanyaki, the Japanese hibachi restaurant at 6. Earlier in the day, Heather and Linda also used the touch screens to sign us up for the juggling act later that night. The 2’s were playing basketball and the 3’s made their way down to the port side hot tub. Chris and I started watching the Greenbay/Dallas Divisional game on the big screen by the pool. Eventually we had to go so I went up the steps to get the attention of the 3’s and hand them a towel, walked down the steps and BAM!!!! I landed on the deck hard on my back. Excuse my swearing here but Fucking Flip Flops!!! I never wore them around the deck the remainder of the trip. I either walked bare foot or wore my water shoes.

The funny thing was, this guy from the piano bar the night before saw me. He had a tank-top/wife beater shirt on last night and was wearing a tank top again today. He ran up and said, “OH Man! I saw that! That had to hurt! Are you OK?” A girl nearby tried helping me up. I felt like a 80 year old grandpa needing help. My ego was hurt more than anything at the time. The next day I would realize, my back hurt. But I did feel bad for making fun of this guy the night before as he was concerned about me

Speaking of making fun of. Wow were there were some beat red people from too much sun already at the end of this day. Many people were not using sunscreen and were using beer to drown away any possible pain. People watching on this ship is great.

Sorry, I’m all over the place here and still no pictures. Great Blog, right? Just leave me some money and you can go read someone else’s blog.

Teppanyaki and Juggling

We walk up right on time and walk right in to our spots at the hibachi grill. This night would be the best night of food service we get the whole trip.


IMG_8080 IMG_8081

IMG_8082 IMG_8084

IMG_8085 So despite this next picture. the wait wasn’t that bad. IMG_8086

Then the show began!!!

IMG_8087 IMG_8090

IMG_8091 IMG_8092

The food was amazing and what’s more, the server was very helpful. The kids wanted to order off the adult menu. The server said the two younger girls will never eat that much and can just share off of everyone else’s plate and he wouldn’t charge us. Well, not only did they practically get their own meal, they got just about every sort of meat people ordered. They got some shrimp. They got some steak. Some chicken. Vegetables. Rice. They got a combo meal and we didn’t even have to pay for it. So we showed our appreciation with a nice tip. They took really good care of us and our families.

Occasionally throughout this however, Chris would sneak out to see what the score was of the Greenbay vs Dallas game. Dallas was ahead but Greenbay was making a comeback. We left before dessert and the check came to catch the end of it. All I can say is, Damn Packers!

Next was off to Scotty Cavanaugh’s juggling show.

IMG_8095 IMG_8096

IMG_8098 We got there in plenty of time so the kids picked a table right up near the stage. There was a card on the table that read, “Danger! Close to Flying Objects” or something like that. They didn’t care. They wanted to be close and it paid off for them. Kate was the first child picked to go on stage. IMG_8100

IMG_8101 IMG_8102

He later came back to give a balloon animal to Sophie and he kept joking with their table. Scotty is a great guy. Humorous. Quick witted and a damn good juggler. His last act is juggling on a 6 foot unicycle while juggling knives with a low ceiling…….on a ship! A rocking ship! Crazy. If he is on your ship, I would highly recommend seeing him. We ran into him at times throughout our trip and he would always say “hi” to us.

IMG_8105 IMG_8106

Kate got a signed DVD of his act and he signed Sophie’s balloon. That balloon will make it the entire trip practically. I listened to him during a Q&A later in the trip and he talked about how there was a time when the seas were too rough for one of the main theatre acts to perform for fear they would hurt themselves so they asked if he would fill in that time slot instead. He did it!

Norwegian Night Out

We planned our most dressed up night out perfectly.  Linda had called NCL weeks before we left to reserve our table for 10 in Teppanyaki because you can only make reservations for 6 online. Larger groups you have to call so she did and she scheduled it for this night. So we were dressed up and decided because it was Norwegian Night Out we would stay dressed up and so it was perfect opportunity to take family pictures.

IMG_8109 IMG_8111

And a few friend photos…a little closer you two.

IMG_8115 That’s better! IMG_8117

IMG_8119 IMG_8120

IMG_8114 Back in Spice H2o was a dance party. It started at 9 and went until 10:30. We got there about a half-hour early and started dancing to the music that was already playing. You can see that no one has really arrived yet on the pictures. IMG_8121

IMG_8122 IMG_8123

IMG_8124 Then the real party started. Hosted by assistant cruise director, Andre, the kids danced through the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s and 2010’s! Heather danced most of it with the kids as did Linda. I danced some and Chris was in and out but he was more interested in what was happening with the NFL game with the Steelers and the Chiefs. Every 15 minutes Andre would pick someone who would get a bottle of champagne because of their “dancing ability” but I’m sure it was mostly on how outgoing they were with him. We kept trying and trying and we never won. Finally. FINALLY!!! On the last try. The kids had been dancing non-stop for two hours at this point and we get our bottle of champagne. IMG_8125

Not a great prize for our children but Andre did say, “The last winner of the night goes to…the parents of the junior cruisers!” Linda believed he said “to the babysitter of the junior cruisers” and handed it to her. She didn’t understand why she got it when Heather was dancing more than she was. Which is why I think he said to the parents. ANYWAY, I digress. No one cares about that.

Andre came up to us and complimented our group on how we were there for two hours! We had to take a photo with him.

IMG_8126 Trying to remember where Kate was. I think she got hungry so that’s where Chris was at this time as the game would have been over by now. I believe they were getting a snack. Speaking of. That’s where we all headed next. Grab a nighttime snack and it was off to bed. IMG_8127


In the mean time, the older girls were having fun in their club with their new friends. They came back to the room around 12:30. Curfew on Norwegian!


  • Don’t be afraid to be a chair hog. Everyone else is doing it. Might as well join in. Especially in the morning if you are up but not ready to sit. Please. Please! If you are not going to us it during the day however, take the towels away! Grrrr.
  • You don’t have to be up at 6am to reserve some good chairs, but don’t wait too long either.
  • On the Escape, the forward sundeck is nice and not used as heavily. It’s a good place for younger ones to sit on a hot tub as well.
  • If you are a light sleeper, the walls are a little thin. Bring a fan or noise machine.
  • If Scotty Cavanaugh happens to be on your cruise, go see him! His act is pretty good.
  • Tappenyaki is awesome. Service is great and so is the food and I would say the price is worth it.
  • If you love to dance, hang out at Spice H20 during any dance parties. Especially during Norwegian Night Out as they play songs across the decades that us old folks love.
  • Don’t sit underneath the water slides unless sailing in the summer and it is really warm out. Otherwise, you’ll be tortured with water dripping on your forehead all day.

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